Experience myPAL by self Sign-Up

myPAL learning (Student's app) and ASSESSMENT (Teacher's & Coordinator's app)

myPAL - ASSESSMENT, is a part of myPAL learning and ASSESSMENT app. myPAL ASSESSMENT is a platform for institutions to conduct ASSESSMENT of their students both online and offline for entrance examination for CET, NEET and IIT. The performance of the student in ASSESSMENT is linked with the learning process of the student in myPAL learning app which is a personalized and adaptive learning platform.

How to do Self Signup ?

  • Download Android version of myPAL ASSESSMENT app on your Android mobile. Click Here!!!
  • On the login screen click on Sign Up
  • Enter Sign Up form details. Select Subjects which you want to have in the myPAL application. Based on your need you can turn on the option "Students require permission to join your group?" or keep it unchanged
  • Click on Generate OTP
  • Enter OTP received with sender ID "ARIVUL" and click on Verify
  • Now you will receive an SMS, with details of your myPAL Institute with Login "Username" and "Password"
  • Enter these details in login screen received "Username" and "Password" and Click on Let's Go
  • Congratulations!!! You have logged with myPAL COORDINATOR role
  • Under Menu>Faculty You can invite a Teacher, by clicking on "Add Teacher" option and providing Teacher Name, mobile number and subject assigned to Teacher and Click "Add Teacher"
  • You will see a pop-up message. Click on "Share" button on pop-up and send details using WhatsApp to that Teacher. Here myPAL did generated Teacher credentials which you shared via WhatsApp to Teacher (Please know myPAL also sends a SMS to respective Teacher informing you have added him to myPAL)
  • Teacher has to install myPAL assessment app from play store (link and QR Code image as given above). Login using the WhatsApp received Username and Password
  • To Add a student, Either using this COORDINATOR or TEACHER credentials, Go To Menu>Preference, you will see "Teacher code" with share icon, click that share and share information using WhatsApp to student mobile
  • Now student can download the learning app by clicking on this link and installing myPAL learning app link on his Android mobile
  • On the myPAL learning login screen student need to click on "Have Teacher's code", fill the Teacher's code he received which you or Teacher shared via WhatsApp, fill the form with details
  • Click on "Generate OTP", Student will receive OTP from Sender ID ARIVUL and submit that OTP
  • Now student will receive an SMS, with login details to your myPAL Institute
  • Congratulations!!! Now your own myPAL institute is ready for trail use for 2 months