Your Friend and Coach in learning : Personalized and
Adaptive learning, easy assessments, warm up tests,
smart suggestions and online learning and doubt
clearing sessions.

General Features


You will get ‘your own’ personal coach

Adaptive Tests

Tests are created ‘for you’ Will understand you and tell you how you can improve

EARN while you LEARN

Accumulate reward points and redeem for your favorite item

Get your doubts clarified

With most suited approach to ‘you’.

MindMap and Concept Map

will guide you ‘personally’ how to navigate through different concpets and prepare better


App Features


A quick peep into the highlights of each chapter. Important or difficult titbits can be marked and stored in the learner’s revision notes.

Revise Me – Automat- ed Personalized Notes

Every learner has a customized set of notes for revision. It contains the important questions and solved examples marked by him/her, highlights in various chapters as well as previous year questions.


This feature encourages the user to ask the question ‘Why’ and promotes a genuine curios- ity to know more, which in turn makes learning easier and more interesting.

ML Based Customized Chapter Content

This section contains the synopsis of each chapter. The learner can highlight any of the major points given here, which will in turn appear in their revision notes.


The Gamified reward module help students to earn points while they use various features of the app and redeem various persoanlized gifts/vouchers.

ML Based Personalized Warmup Session

Warm-up sessions enable the user to know where he/she stands with regard to a particular topic. Based on the outcome, the system generates customized tests for each learner

ML Based Personalized Recommendation

The app will recommend topics to study after it has finished assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each student. It will focus on weak areas and compile the most relevant test questions.

Personalized Solved Examples

Every chapter contains solved examples, based on an understanding of the concept and level of difficulty, within different learning parameters. The reader can also mark important questions to revise afterwards.