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Live Interactive Class (Phygital Model)

myPAL Phygital is a hybrid Education Platform solving the Problem of Quality and Affordable TestPrep Programs in Tier 2 & Rural India where there is a Deficiency Expert Teachers and Lack of Robust academic system.

myPAL Phygital TestPrep Courses are delivered via LIVE-INTERACTIVE Platform with Concept Driven Pedagogy & Content ,hence Scaling Effective & Sustainable Teaching Upto 1: 800 Student Ratio with continuous 24/7 Assessments , Personalized Practice & Learning.
Our platform also ensures Peer learning, Discipline, focus & classroom environment that’s lacking in pure online courses.


A friend, A coach

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Student Reviews

 Chandan Satwani
Chandan Satwani

Very great app which illustrates the problem in a very challenging way making us interesting to learn and its also useful to those who aspire to compete for JEE and NEET

Geeta Javur
Geeta Javur

Very nice app for JEE, NEET & CET preparation it conducts tests on lessons you wish for, it clears all doubt and shows mistakes and also how to improve them it's best for PUC

Gouri Ganachari
Gouri Ganachari

This platform is very useful and enhances the student's ability

Anchal Tiwari
Anchal Tiwari

Its really a nice application and it has helped a lot in preparation for CET

How it works?

Counsel & Orient
Plan & Guide
Expert Training

We Counsel students about the importance and need for professional courses and various options available for Engineering, Medicine, Agri, veterinary sciences etc and help students to understand why they need to focus on competitive exams and our scientific methodology can guide them about exact target marks for their specific rank goals. Students get trained from experts with more than 20 years of experience in teaching for NEET/CET in Kota and other reputed institutions (Pls refer faculty profile). After training till students achieve a specific target rank for the competitive exams we conduct assignments, assessments, and performance tracking and guidance

Our Expertise

Mr. Raghunandan Pai
Raghunandan has mentored more than 1200+ students, he has more than 15+ years of experience in JEE, NEET, CET. Raghu has worked as physics facilitator under the brand Edu rite solution for post college hours. To mention few of his achievements he has handled more than 25 (group and individual) tutorials & achieved cent percent results & handled NEET,JEE classes for especially IB board candidates from the past 3 years, and perceived 100% results.
Mr. Raghunandan Pai
Dr. Vijaya Reddy
Vijaya Reddy is an M.Sc Graduate with a University rank holder, she has mentored more than 2000+ students, with 24 years of academic experience mentoring students from the past 10+ years. Vidya holds a certification in entrepreneurship | life skill coaching | Learning methodologies.
Dr. Vijaya Reddy
Mr. Ramesh B.K
Mr. Ramesh is an expert in mathematics who has trained more than 20000+ students, he is a graduate in MSc & M.Phil with 30+ years of experience in teaching students for 11th & 12th students
Mr. Ramesh B.K
Mr. Dheeraj S
Dheeraj has mentored more than 2700+ students in chemistry subject. He has 13+year of experience in the teaching field for JEE, NEET & CET. Dheeraj holds an M.sc degree in analytical chemistry and he is also a gold medalist.
Mr. Dheeraj S

Highly Experienced Teachers

Highly effective mentors use their experience as a teacher to help struggling students improve their performance in class. Mentors should understand the needs of different types of students and have tools at their disposal for helping all types achieve success in school.


High Quality Content

To enhance student learning, educators should make sure to present them with the best possible content. Students will learn more when they are provided with high-quality material instead of being rushed through boring lectures or textbooks.


Continuous Assessment

Continuous assessments help teachers in identifying where each students needs to develop. This method of instruction also makes it easier for schools to provide appropriate assistance for struggling students early enough so that they can improve before it becomes too difficult for regular tutoring sessions to make a difference


Peer Learning

Peer Learning coaching is a confidential process through which two or more students work together to reflect on current practices; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another; conduct classroom research; or solve problems in the workplace

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Our personalized and adaptive learning app with an intelligent and integrated assessment platform delivers state of art proven content with our partner solving the E2E learning and teaching needs of students along with ensuring a new revenue stream for content providers.


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myPAL is a Personalized, Adaptive, Socially Engaging and Intelligent Learning and Test Preparation App Specially Designed to enhance the learning and assessment outcomes to provide intelligent individual insights and customized learning path for students.

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