Your Personalized Coaching Platform

Ever wondered why there is no platform which can understand
a student deeply and precisely, help and coach the student,
focusing on each student's strengths and weaknesses and
provide a diagnostic recommendation?
myPAL is here!!!
We are not only an app!! We are a platform
Where we help you to get the right coaching and help from your own teachers, in your own schools and as well as by experts.


Your Friend and Coach in learning : Personalized and
Adaptive learning, easy assessments, warm up tests,
smart suggestions and online learning and doubt clearing sessions.

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Student's Everyday Coach

myPAL Enables Student to understand concept that the student will learn in School and further provide diagnostic recommendations along with his or her own teacher's support to enhance understanding, Curious? Watch this video.


A Friend and an Assistant to teacher: Very
simple and effective creation, modification
and publication of smart tests and online classes.
Understand your students with newer insights and plan and
be more effective

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Administrator / Principal

Be Tech Ready, World has changed so is education –
we help you overcome challenges of Integrated colleges,
Changes in Competitive exams like NEET/JEE, Academic Outsourcing
model and comply to National Education Policy. With Blended
learning we help you embrace future of education

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we are A Friend and A Coach, for all learning needs of students, teachers, administrators alike. We have also built a great content platform and secure integrated online class module, explore here.

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